Local Business Listing Directory for Banaskantha District.

‘Banas Gatha’, Mobile Application developed by K.D.Services is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to find, rate and share information about local businesses in Banaskantha District. Easily access information about Banaskantha’s businesses operating across diverse industry and Service sectors.

Business Registration

Are you having business or related to any business then this is a big time opportunity for you! Register your business today in ‘Banas Gatha’ Mobile Application

Search Business Information

Easily access information about Banaskantha’s businesses operating across diverse industry and Service sectors under many categories & Sub-Categories

Feedback & Ratings

Give your feedback of the service you received from local businesses in your area so locals in your community can make smart choices about where they go for the services they need

Why us

Improve Your Online Visibility

Expand your customer base & Generate leads successfully

An Application with complete business information

Thousands of Daily visitors as this Application is being advertised

Benefit of untapped online customers around the District

Round the clock advertisement of your business


'Banas Gatha' Application includes many functionalities, as described following to help customers as well as Local Business Owners, too.

Business Registration

Register Your Business with all Information To Get Listed

Search Local Business

Search Local Business's Details Around you as per Your Need


Share Your Business' Experience by giving Feedback & Ratings

Offer Zone

To Get Discounts, Search Offers By Business Around You


Mark Favourite To Daily Needed Businesses To Check Offline

Categories & Subcategories

Having Many Categories Make Easy To Search Proper Business

  • I have selected "Banas Gatha" because it allows me to quickly access the market details.

    Mr.Sanjay Chauhan

    District Project Officer
  • The features on "Banas Gatha" are so amazing. It's too simple to use. And from the customer's endpoint it's very Intuitive, the platform is pretty much evidence.

    Mr.Akash Darji

    Electric Engineer(Student)
  • I love the approachable format, and the fact that they chose to feature different categories of vendors that users can really relate to. When you click into any story, you can find the whole details about that vendor category in a quantified aspect.


    Dy. Collector
  • It is absolutely one of the best time-saving Applications that we have really in need.

    Dr.Surendra Gupta

  • It's Awesome, really. I can't say enough about how well it's designed to the need of the users. I have been using this with varying degrees of satisfaction. Thanks for a great App.


  • They've even included a vendor's offer (along with pictures, names, and locations) right on their homepage with navigation link to the offer zone page.

    Mr.Mehul Vyash

    Central Studio
  • I think it's going to be extremely beneficial to the users. User's satisfaction is our top priority. BanasGatha is quick simple and easy to use. Users can navigate in to category of their wish and it immediately takes them to the details as per their need.

    I have to say that it has transformed the way you do business. Here's how we do that… We revolutionize the way your Business interacts with customers through digitization. Ultimately it's allows you to become more dynamic and competitive in the market place. Go for BanasGatha to find out how we can increase your market worth.

    Mr. Kaushal Darji

    Founder of Banas Gatha
  • On everyday basis "Banas Gatha" helps me to create a reliable state for me where I can find anything as per my requirement about the market nearby me.

    Mr.Yashin Banglawala

    Managing Director, Neesarg Group
  • They did really cool and unique thing. Now this will attract tremendous number of users. Pretty cool idea, appreciable.

    Mr.Paresh Modi

    Bank of Baroda
  • Banas Gatha's concept is really very vital and momentous. To attract visitors it's a very finest approach.

    Mr.Jaykishan Vasvani

    Business Man
  • It's really a time saver. Having an app like this in our phone is extremely useful. We just found that it was a really easy suite to use.

    Dr.Krutin Vyash

  • Social media is a great source of social proof, and many customers turn to places like Twitter and Facebook to informally review their businesses online. So all on that having an app like "Banas Gatha" is positively reflects your business.

    Mr.Kruparth Patel

    Civil Engineer
  • We are become more productive and proficient now than ever before as our numbers of customers incremented and it's clearly noticeable to us as in terms of productivity. Overall, "Banas Gatha" allowed us to get an edge on our competition and ultimately go above and beyond our customer ratio. Thanks for a brilliant App.

    Mr.Darshan Sonani

    Business Man


Offer Zone

Business Owner can post and advertise offers of their product or services into Offer Zone to attract more customers. This functionality benefits to both customers and Business Owners.


‘Banas Gatha’ application provides you unique functionality to mark your daily needed business information so that you can view these Favourite marked Businesses quickly and without internet.

Smart Search

They can search any business with city, category, Subcategory and Business Name. This advance search will help customer to search proper Business as per their need.

Business Registration

Unregistered Business can register their Business online via submitting Business Registration Form in Application. New Business registration must pay one time nominal registration Charge.


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