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I used this in conjunction with the Elecraft K2 but it works well with any 28 MHz IF radio with power limited to 8 watts Operates 50-52 MHz with input as low as -20dBm, Output is 20 watts. 25 = 50 Hz "Auto Seq" should be checked, but the activator should bear in mind that when Auto-Seq is enabled the program de-activates Enable Tx at the end of each QSO A computer can be connected to the KX2 via the supplied USB cable (for text display/keyboard) or via the headphone/mic jacks (for FT8 and other audio-based data modes). I set out to assemble an ultralight FT8 setup for SOTA operation (I like to keep my total pack weight under 10lbs) so it would not present much extra burden for my summit hikes. It includes a built-in mic for HT-style operation. Elecraft Hands-On Ham Radio, High-Performance Transceivers and Amplifiers. com - connects all my sites & blogs, but focuses mainly on Amateur Radio, Cooking, Trains & Maps; ZTLearn. Here's a simulation for FT8: And WSPR: While digital modes like FT8 and WSPR are more sensitive than CW, they require a computer to operate. That is because the Elecraft transceivers are different from other amateur transceivers, mainly in the I finally got WAS on FT8 last night. The total occupied bandwidth is 8 × 6. (Max out is still 10 watts on 17-10 meters. > > Frequently the Elecraft won't unkey at the end of the transmission > when operating FT8. 6FT -FT8/FT4/JT65/PSK Audio Interface 6 Pin Mini DIN Combo . com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Photos of the new Elecraft KX2 SWL3409PL — May 19, 2016 One of the benefits of being an inside exhibitor at the Dayton Hamvention is the ability to visit with vendors and exhibitors on Thursday, prior to all of the traffic that happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Is it possible to focus the transmission to only a small bandwidth? Similar to how CW would work. [Elecraft] QRP FD KX2 Batteries & FT8 Report Peter West Tue, 25 Jun 2019 06:39:00 -0700 When our club’s plans for FD fell through at the last minute I set up 1B with my trusty KX-2 with a Bioenno battery and two internal KX2 battery pacs on my back porch. I made a couple of FT8 contacts from here in St. Ground, PTT and audio are wired from the RJ45 plug to the TRRS 3. it shouldn't matter if I'm deploying the Yaesu ft-891 or the Yaesu Or the elecraft kx2 with one of their KX  25. Great for your 817,857, 897, KX2, KX3, and other HF Radios! We have   Jun 9, 2018 I like to look at this size Lego blocks. W7/KH7Z will be operated by AA7A, and W1/KH7Z by N1DG. Whereas JT65 gives you about 12 seconds to respond to a station calling CQ, you only have about two seconds with FT8. Free shipping. The Elecraft KX3 and KX2 have two CW paddle inputs, individually configurable. Only at eHam. The mode I”ve really been playing with is WSPR. John. I typically use a pair of headphones with the KX2 since its built-in speaker leaves much to be desired (but is better than the KX3’s internal speaker, in my opinion). This page is a work in progress detailing what has worked and hasn't worked for ultralight portable FT8 operation with my KX2 (or KX3). Special Note on the new KX2 Battery and Charger system – Elecraft will be stocking the KXBT2 (Li-ion Battery) and the KXBC2 (Li-ion Charger) for your to order. The KX2’s powerful 32-bit DSP offers features dual watch, stereo audio, user-programmable filter bandwidths, noise blanking, noise reduction, and auto-notch. Then provide an open documented interface to add functionality to it. Ham Radio ! Elecraft KX2 and FT8 - P-Loop 2. Equipment Setup KX2 or KX3 FT8 output power KX2/KX3. I have Equally adept at both CW and digital modes. If you love QRP please join our website: reviews / tips and SOTA summit: Bridger Peak , W7Y/SW-007 Activation Date: July 30, 2017 Portable operation: Yes Radio: Elecraft KX2 operating at 10 watts SSB and KX3 at 7 watts digital FT8 Antenna: LNR K8ZT. The added heat sink allows increased power output for long periods of FT8. > >> A few Mac programs I use already support the KX2 so I suspect that the >> differences from the KX3 are minimal. And the performance varies, based on the quality of the Li-ion cells used to build the pack. It is optionally available here for the Elecraft KX3, KX2, BG2FX, FX-9A for digital mode operating use. In a follow-up email with Carl at Elecraft Customer Support, I learned that of the well over 10,000 KX3 in the field, Elecraft has seen relay K7 fail only twice—and both failures were in my radio. The use of the Elecraft Temperature Compensation routine that was developed and included in the KX3 firmware, plus the addition of heat sinks and the replacement of R40 and R96 by the flange mounted resistor, appear to assure a stable frequency for the FT8 digital mode on 6m. Building Your Own Gear is Half the Fun! The Elecraft K3S, KX3, K2, tuners, and linear amp kits capture the excitement of building and operating your own full-featured HF systems. --- Built-in mic, keyer paddle, and tilt stand --- You can use either an external mic (MH4) or the KX2’s internal mic. I had worked one a couple of months ago, but he never confirmed. Can you help please. This unique combination of small size and versatility make the KX2 a great grab-and-go radio for any outing. Of course, the Elecraft KX3 and KX2 are now available with a far higher specification than the FT-817ND, but at a much greater price and without 2m and 70cm, although at extra cost 2m is available in the KX3. That extra three watts over the the KX2’s digital max of five is going to make all the difference. When operating outdoors, seek high ground, or an area with a downslope in a preferred direction. Celui-ci se veut plus petit, moins puissant, quelques fonctions ou options de moins qu'un KX3 à un prix moindre mais le total dépendra des options At the beginning of April 2019, look for Thomas F4HPX to be on from Martinique (with a possible side trip to St Lucia). Unfortunately unlike WSPR the standard FT8 protocol doesn’t include transitter power. It would be my sole rig for some time. Otemanu Peak, Bora Bora 6) If you live in Italy you can find precious resources on ARI FIDENZA forum. 0 WSJT-X and JTAlert Let me know if I should make more ham radio videos and let me know if you think I should live stream some of my ham radio activity I was decoding FT8 signals and making my first QSO within 5 minutes of opening the program. KX3 Computer Interface for WSJT and other Digital Modes INTRODUCTION The popular Elecraft KX3 is a very flexible, small footprint HF+6m SDR (Software Defined Radio) that can be used without a computer. 9 and now similarly on v2, the ‘Comments’ in QSOLog drop down box does not allow changes and continually reverts back to a previous ‘Comment’ wording. Modulation is 8-tone frequency-shift keying (8-FSK) at 12000/1920 = 6. Radio Amateur's Best Asset, Rig and Rotor Control, Logging, Digital Modes, and Satellite. $16. It is intended for use with RIGblaster Advantage, RIGblaster Nomic, RIGblaster Plus II, RIGblaster Plus, RIGblaster Blue, and RIGblaster Pro. From Wayne N6KR on QRP-L this morning: The latest KX2 field-test firmware allows power output to be set as high as 12 watts on 80 through 20 meters. Setting up Win4K3Suite to work with the MicroHam Products. Keith and I had a great QSO on his areas of interest that include K5ACL’s web site discusses how to get on FT8 with the KX3, and KA9EAK has one for the KX2. Buy Elecraft KX3 Desk Stand by Nifty Accessories: Portable Audio & Video - Amazon. Transmission cycles are 15 seconds each and, once a QSO is initiated, the remaining exchanges take place automatically. Don’t give up! It also has a neat feature called auto sequence that will actually complete the QSO for you instead of you just sitting there watching paint dry waiting the minute for each exchange (15 seconds in the case of FT8). Lightweight. Elecraft AX1 Portable QRP Antenna for KX2 ~ Unbox Test Review. Can I set a "transmit filter" to about 50 Hz to make sure that all power is used for the FT8 transmission? FT8/FT4/JT9: WSJT 2-Way Narrow Modes For Amateur Radio has 9,312 members. Contact me at the email listed on my QRZ. 99. Registered User Area. Super Simple! WSJT-X Done EASY! - Ham Radio with K0PIR Icom 7300 / Icom 7610 Website. Failing that, you may also try bumping up the output volume a little bit and also verifying that the device is correct. The Elecraft K2 works very well for these modes. ) is a no-brainer when, despite poor conditions, your goal is to log as many contacts as possible with as many states or countries as possible. 2,300 likes · 2 talking about this. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "cycle" terminology. The Li-ion internal battery I purchased from Elecraft for my KX2 has 3 Li-ion cells, just like the battery shown in the video. Living in a no-antenna neighborhood, Fred has demonstrated his ham radio ingenuity by building his stealthy wire antennas in the forest behind his house. On the bottom, right of the WSTJX screen is a little slider that you can use to adjust the output from the app. > My impression is that much of the firmware and DSP code is reused from > the KX3. WINDCAMP X3 Battery Box Power Bank for ELECRAFT KX3 Transceiver with Canvas Bag External Li-ion battery power supply case charger for Elecraft KX3 KX2 18650 12V. Now combine your Android tablet or smartphone, your 817, kx2, bitx or qrpver rig, and now you’ve opened up Global messaging to low-power field operators, traveling the backcountry out of a backpack. Welcome! Joe Taylor, K1JT, announced on June 29, 2017 the availability of a JT65 -- Setting Up WSJT-X on Elecraft K3S : by STRAIGHTKEY on August 28, 2016 : Mail this to a friend! If only there was some way to publish this on the Internet in a place that would be accessible when you wanted to view it, and you could somehow use a tool to find it when you needed it. . de The Hub for Ham Radio, Shortwave, and random radio oddities! As you will know after reading the FT8 DXpedition Mode User Guide, Fox can conduct up to "NSlots" QSOs simultaneously. Elecraft honored my request to perform the repair under warranty and the bill was $18 for return shipping to Ohio. Fox_A will operate for the full hour if plenty of Hounds keep calling. The KX2 is also a true SDR (software-defined radio), with full 32-bit IF DSP. It is their loss. 25 baud. I’ve owned my Elecraft KX3 for five years, and this little rig continues to amaze me. Such a slope may act as a reflector. I captured them for a video and then realized I probably needed to make a video about how to get started with FT8! So, this video shows you how simple it is to configure and use the WSJT-X software to do FT8. Keith Hibbert, WB2VUO, is the ARRL Technical Coordinator for Western NY State. Never forget to pay always via paypal. All in all great fun with some learning but can’t wait for more future propagation. QSL via H/c, buro or LoTW. Recent DX Spots FO/KE1B QSL via KE1B direct, LOTW. This is a good chance for me to work on my digital WAS. All source, dmg, and Windows setup files are now available on this site and at Source Forge. com! Have a ham radio product or service? Whether you're operating QRP or QRO, portable on the trail or in a park, on a SOTA peak, in a hotel or from home, QRPworks has products to enhance you're operating experience. QRV using KX2 plus 30W small amplifier or FT-891 and simple wire antennas; SSB, FT8 and possibly some CW on 40 to 10m. – A KX2 Date Sheet – A KX2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in editable form – Hi Resolution images for use with your marketing and web site content. g. ELECRAFT a présenté un nouveau transceiver HF à Dayton: le KX2. Do you like to write? Interesting project to share? Helpful tips and ideas for other hams? Submit an article and we will review it for publication on AmateurRadio. FT8 stands on the shoulders of JT65, JT9, and WSPR modes for weak signal communication, but transmits much faster with only slightly reduced sensitivity. # HamRadio #QRP #FT8 #KX2 #AmateurRadio #hamr #antenna #HF #DIY  Sep 23, 2018 Even the ATU in my little KX2 once tuned a 20 meter hex beam to 40 digital modes (cw, psk31, ft8, jt65) making the most of the low power. Indoors, extend the telescoping whip outside a window if The KX2 also makes a great moble rig, and can even be used hand-held. Made some decent QRP FT8 QSOs in the process. Gil F4WBY – New Elecraft KX2 Firmware for MH3 Microphone October 16, 2017 Julian OH8STN 0 Once again our good friend Gil F4WBY tests and demonstrates new functionality with the Elecraft kx2. For those familiar with very sensitive, but very slow contacts FT8 will seem very fast! FT8 involves a 15-second transmission versus JT65's one-minute transmissions. Fred Regennitter, K4IU, is a DXer and contester, who in this recent period of low sunspots, has discovered the digital modes including the new FT8 mode as his way to continue to work DX. -----KX2 Setup Notes for FT8 Components: - Elecraft KX2 transceiver FT8 is designed for situations like multi-hop Es where signals may be weak and New Digital Mode from K1JT - FT8 "Dear WSJT-X Beta-Test Colleagues, Steve (K9AN) and I have developed a potential new mode for WSJT-X. Yes Radio: Elecraft KX2 operating at 10 watts SSB and KX3 at 7 watts digital FT8 Antenna: LNR. While FT8 is an incredibly robust weak signal mode, it is designed heavily to take advantage of short band openings on HF/VHF/UHF and only offers a minimal QSO framework. The best contact of them all was with Rich, K2RLF in New Jersey. 5mm plug, while speaker out goes to the SPKR socket on the back of the Signalink. (If you haven’t read enough opinions on that, see “The mother of all FT8 threads” on QRZ. März 2019 Ich habe das Gefühl, dass seit der FT8-boom eingesetzt hat, einfach Dieser Beitrag soll dabei helfen, ein sauberes Signal in FT8 zu senden. Building Your Portable Station A “grab and go” bag allows you to deploy to the field quickly. New SignaLink radio cable for the Xiegu X5105: We have just released a new SignaLink radio cable for the popular Xiegu X5105. Jul 1, 2019 for the Xiegu X5105; Run the new WSJT-X FT8 mode with your SignaLink USB ! SignaLink support for the new Elecraft KX2 QRP radio. fldigi / flarq - modem / arq - Sights & Sounds of Digital Modes Yes, FT8 (etc. FT8 has been added to free WSJT-X suite that already includes JT65, JT9, MSK144 and more. I keep getting a "/Hamlib error/: IO /error/  Hi all! ​ I want to set up my KX2/3 for FT8 - what is a good easy setup folks are using for hardware/software? ​ Thanks, Jul 23, 2017 I got involved in a thread on the Elecraft mailing list regarding FT8 of time working on digital mode configurations with my KX2 this weekend. I use HRD with FT8 & Ham Apps. com - Resources for Students, Educators & anyone interested in learning something new. Links to these products are shown in the Why FT8? Why FT8? First, because it is popular, which means that there are people at the other end listening (or sending). Running FT8 with the KX-2 on FD was \ > > an education and I've got to do some thinking about how to improve my chances if \ > > I decide to try this again. UPDATE/UPGRADE POLICY: Upon purchase of TRX-Manager V5. Q: Why is the KX2 only offered factory assembled? A: The KX2 is the smallest full-featured, all-HF-band transceiver available. Useful information on the current releases. Re: Trying to get on FT-8 with my KX2 Tom: Yes, I am using the KX2 USB cable and it shows up on COM7 in my PC and yes, the 3. In that capacity Keith serves as a resource and goto guy for technical questions by amateur radio operators. Nov 13, 2018 Posts about FT8 written by W6PNG. exchanging microphone and turn MIC BIN setting on and off!) FT8 is very effective for worldwide QRP communications on the HF bands. In contrast, the Icom IC-7300 sitting next to the KX2 wasn’t able to match that hex beam even though we performed a persistent ATU search. In response to many requests from our customers, we are proud to announce the release of the Kx22 heatsink for the Elecraft™ KX2! As we did with the Kx31 and Kx32 heatsinks for the Elecraft™ KX3, the Kx22 is designed using thermal modeling and offers the maximum cooling by natural convection. But there are only a few SOTA chasers who FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8-DMC) Awards John, DK9JC & N1JJC FT8 DMC 06. I've been getting out with FT8 quite well but have only been doing it for a few days, and not at QRP. JT Modes & the Elecraft KX3, a how-to guide! Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W5KV, Jul 7, 2017. Brian M1HHL Running FT8 with the KX-2 on FD was an education and I’ve got to do some thinking about how to improve my chances if I decide to try this again. The following message is information Doug KI6DS requested at our meeting today. There is also another popular device called a Rigblaster. Those FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8-DMC) awards are so well-designed that I decided to put them all into a seperate category here: blogpics/awards_FT8_DMC FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8-DMC) Awards | DK9JC. Since I have lived overseas since FT8 came out, just about everyone in the US is a potential new contact for me. ~14 V supply recommended. There are even more sensitive modes than CW. Currently, I use the DATA A mode for FT8 on the KX2. Time to time he will be F4HPX/MM Even the ATU in my little KX2 once tuned a 20 meter hex beam to 40 meters and found a 1:1 match to boot. When cell coverage exists it works well Elecraft KX2 Transceiver – Simply the best – Great news! Last May 19th, at 1300h Elecraft INC has released to the world the new Elecraft KX2 Transceiver! This will be the last engineer opera from this great company : after the KX3. I wonder if I can do the same with my kx2. They will operate on 20m FT8, using KX2 10 watt transceivers. - eHam. I've recently run into a problem with my Elecraft KX2 running > FT8 in the release candidate version of WSJTX. Trying to get on FT-8 with my KX2. JT-Alert does a great job in transferring the FT8 QSO to HRD LogBook except, suddenly, on v1. I had been looking for a station in Alaska for some time. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Combine FT8 with a cross platform app offering station-to-station messaging. Hi all! I want to set up my KX2/3 for FT8 - what is a good easy setup folks are using for hardware/software? Thanks, For the Icom 7300. Interior is nicely constructed. Based upon how conditions seemed I operated SSB with 10W using my KX2, SSB with 100W using my TS-480SAT, or FT8 with 5W using my KX2 on either the 20m or 40m bands using my LNR Precision EF-Quad antenna strung across the campsite. Plug in a USB keyboard and type away, no PC needed. de / Amateurfunk-Blog. 5mm plug is in the ACC jack on the radio. In this video what I'm demonstrating is that you can build a low-power, portable, QRP station using an Elecraft KX2, a West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Blue, and Ham Radio Deluxe is the World's Most Popular Ham Radio Software. Based on your experience with the KX2 and KX3, would you recommend the KX2 as a rig for a new ham, both in the park and at home, or would you recommend the KX3, or stick with the ‘7300. The setup for soundcard digital modes using Elecraft transceivers (K3/K3S/KX2/KX3 and also the K2) is different than the setup advice for  Jul 16, 2017 You can map FT8 QSO's to generic a "Data" mode and then upload your the KX2 and a small laptop or tablet become the tools of the trade. So far i've adjusted my levels by turning on MON in the Function-1 menu and adjusting levels until the ALC appears reasonable. . Don Wilhelm W3FPR. With the KX2 I was able to make a fair number of contacts including nice QSOs with AE8O in New Mexico, N4AVV in Myrtle Beach, and AE2B in Macon, GA. Like the KX2, the mcHF will decode CW (and PSK31 and RTTY) and display it on screen. I was re-reading the thread and noticed that earlier in the thread KN3ILZ outlined the steps to configure. Elecraft KX2 product reviews by real people like you. ) Supply voltage must be 12. As Robert will tell you, FT8 seems to defy propagation theory. FT8 QSOs • 2 tablets: 1 laptop for WSJT-X and a tablet for logging software (VK port-a-log) • Hunting for S2S and FT8 QSOs →Cumbersome operating with the KX3 (e. Download locations for WSJT-X, running WSJT-X and using its logging capability. All with good signal reports. This unit is in excellent physical and operating condition. The Elecraft K3S or K3 can sense whether the amp is in standby or operate mode, then select the Putting FT8 in a 2 kHz sub-band below JT65 on many bands was deliberate and included the assumption that many JT65 users looking for faster QSOs with strong signals would move to FT8, this naturally allows FT8 usage to expand upwards as JT65 usage reduces. FT8 operations were good but five watts wasn’t enough to get outside of North America. FT8 is . KE1B and W6NN will be active as FO/KE1B from Bora Bora Island, IOTA OC - 067 and Moorea Island, OC - 046, 21 April - 3 May 2019. I have a KX2, and when conditions are decent I can work dozens of Europeans on CW with 10 watts, but I have trouble working them on FT8 even with an amp at 600 watts. That's a pretty coarse grained audio setup i think but it's working ok for me right now. Elecraft’s KX2 Shack-in-a-Box is a great way to get started creating your own. I can set up the KX2 and PK Loop on a small table or foot stool with room to spare. I see stations working Europe and even the Middle East but never actually see the trace from the DX station. microHAM devices are supported, the MKII, MKIII  The newest addition is an Elecraft KX2 transceiver. そろそろeuへのパスが開けそうな時間となったためタブレットをkx2に接続しft8でcqを出してみました。 早速モスクワの局からコールバック。-17dbのレポートをいただけました。その後、国内局・中国局を中心に6局ほどqsoができました。 On 18/07/2017 13:26, Jordan Sherer wrote: > Hi all. TelescopeMan describes a Signalink (sound card) used to connect an amateur radio to a computer. This new cable attaches to the radio's 8-pin mini-DIN ACC jack and lets you operate digital modes with your SignaLink USB. Warning: Tigertronics has not verified the accuracy of all of the radio wiring information that is provided This cable is not packaged with any RIGblaster. Some of them can also post to Europe. That’s why last year I recommended the KX3 to my buddy and newly minted ham radio operator simplifies the interface to radios. $1049 shipped 48 States (AK and HI will have additional charges due to distances; sorry, no International sales), PayPal fee included, Zelle and personal checks accepted. Fox_B is on standby reserve. As you may know there are a lot of fakes around or yaesu ft 817 for sale that are not in “good shape”. I agree wholeheartedly. Yaesu has simply "missed the boat" and an opportunity to address a VERY large replacement market. As usual conditions were up, down, and sideways so you need to have options. Those FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8-DMC) awards are so well-designed that I decided to put them all into a seperate category here: QRP radios: Yaesu FT 817 - Elecraft KX3 - Icom 703. What is the recommended max power output setting for the KX2 and for the KX3 for normal FT8 use without after-market heatsink? Thanks & 73, Barry Tom – my initial guess is the volume is not high enough to drive the radio. Features in compact, lightweight, sunlight readable devices including Logging, Messaging, Rig Control, all with a keyboard. (including FT8)willhave an advantage over SSB. com, for FT8, the newest digital mode from Noble Laurite K1JT, Joe Taylor. It was used for some FT8 contacts in 2018 where it worked well so long as the power was kept to 3 watts  WSJT-X Version 2. Since CW is simple to implement electronically, and requires no computer, and is still sensitive enough to feasibly complete QRP contacts, many QRP kits are CW. 8 V or higher on key-down. KX3 on air with a Signalink USB Today I roughed up a cable to get on air with WSPR and the new KX3 via a Signalink USB. I finally got an operator in Wasilla on 20M last night and he confirmed!! Note: There is a general lack of truth about the true voltage of these three-cell battery packs. April 2019 . In 2013, I gave the KX3 one of the most favorable reviews I’ve ever published–and it continues to hold its own. Yes, this is only about 1 Tigertronics SignaLink USB Digital Interface - Cable Interface Listing SignaLink Jumper Settings & Wiring Information For Base & Mobile Radios References to other non-USB models have been removed from the original Tigertronics document. Hi folks, Trying to get WSJT-X going with FT8 and my new KX2. com page. It’s so streamlined and efficient that the whole process is readily automated. Jul 2, 2017 calling the mode “FT8” (Franke-Taylor design, 8-FSK modulation). > > I believe you meant to say that FT8 is 15 seconds between overs and FT4 is about 8 \ > seconds. Thanks for the post. I'm a contester and 6M weak signal Dxer, so I use power amps (a Ten Tec Titan and an Elecraft KPA500), and I make several thousand digital QSOs in a year. X, you are eligible for 36 months (3 years) of free downloadable updates. Of course, the KPA1500 is an ideal companion for the Elecraft K3S and K3 transceivers, both physically and electrically. • To improve signal strength, elevate the AX1 above ground by standing or using a tripod. In this article, I'll describe how adapt the KX-3 for two separate CW inputs. I noticed that the transmission is about 50 Hz wide. Looked everywhere for an answer. Elecraft XV-50 Linear Transverter 28 MHz IF. It can control the K1EL Winkey chip. What becomes apparent very quickly and was a bane over the eight FT8 activations I did in Wyoming and then Colorado was using my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot to allow Dimension4 to accurately set the PCs time. 0 offers nine different protocols or modes: FT8, JT4, JT9, JT65, QRA64, ISCAT, MSK144, WSPR, and Echo. FT-817 and KX2 and comparision on RC Li-Po and LiFePo4 packs · Logbuch. Or hook up a PC and enjoy all the digital modes, in my case, FT8. I am concerned about the current draw that the 7300might impose on batteries, though LiFePo4 may suit the task. The first five are designed for  Please be sure to download the latest firmware for your MicroHam product from their web site. May 7, 2018 Though FT8 is a slow mode that will get through where others won't, station with a Raspberry Pi 3, a SignaLink USB, and an Elecraft KX2. Log4OM modern user interface runs on PC, Windows tablet and can be started also from an USB key with limited resources Setting Elecraft transceivers for soundcard digital Don Wilhelm W3FPR The setup for soundcard digital modes using Elecraft transceivers (K3/K3S/KX2/KX3 and also the K2) is different than the setup advice for other amateur transceivers. Though FT8 is a slow mode that will get through where others won’t, so a weak FT8 signal means that any voice communication is very unlikely to get through. DXCC Country - French Polynesia. I found a good bit of FT-8 and FT-4 activity on 6M during FD. This is great, especially for contest operations which typically require one input for the computer and one for a paddle. My KX2 ATU tuned up fine. I’ve worked some of my best DX with this mode during the sunspot low and have never used more than 15 watts out of my Elecraft KX3 and KX2. You might try the development > wsjt branch, vs stable. Click here to read the QST Magazine review of the SignaLink USB! Once again Tigertronics sets the pace in digital operating! The new SignaLink TM USB sound card - radio interface combines the legendary performance of our SL-1+ with a state of the art built-in low-noise USB Sound Card. You really seem to need it in FT8 because the exchanges go so fast. Getting started on data modes with the Elecraft K2 Narrow band data modes such as PSK31 and MFSK are excellent QRP modes, providing reliable copy at power levels of just a few watts. All in all great fun with some learning but can't \ > > wait for more future propagation. net. More controls are provided for the K3, KX2, KX3, IC-7300 and the IC-7610. 73 Bob, K4TAX On 6/25/2019 2:30 PM, Carl Jón Denbow wrote: > Thanks, Bob. ft8 kx2

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